This method, which was already detailed in , will allow us to regain control in those moments where we´ve had enough, emotions are taking over, we are losing it and we shout even though we know we should remain calm.

Although it might seem long as I explain it, it´s easier to put into practice that it seems. Let´s see:

The most important part and the most difficult, it´s to be aware of the fact that we are losing control. That moment when tiredness, frustration, anger… are building up and we´re about to let it all out in a way that will benefit nobody. That´s the moment when we need to find our feet (or our backside if we´re sitting down ?) “Where are my feet?” and then we anchor them on the floor, we feel our body through them and with regards to the environment.

Then, we look for that point in our body that, through what we were feeling, it´s become tense. For some people it´s their shoulders, for others their fists or jaw… each one is different, and we need to work on finding our own. And once we find it, we relax it. Just in that point, we let go off the tensión.

And now it´s the moment when we don´t shout. We don´t lose control. Because we went back to regain rational control and emotions don´t control us anymore.

Of course, at first it won´t work, as it will be easy to forget, and we remember about our feet a bit too late. But with a bit of practice, you´ll see how you´re able to do the whole process without even thinking about it.

And if you use it, please let me know how it went!

One´s greatest challenge is to control oneself” Kazi Shams